Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Charlie the Turbine robot.

Charlie the Turbine robot.
Built in july of 2008 by Justin Gray

As an extension of humans arm and hand, robots have peaked humanity’s imagination since Tesla first radio controlled a small boat in the late 1800s’. It has possessed me to attempt at following the lead of my elders and create works unrestricted by technology or creativity and once again set forth to create my latest work: “Charlie the turbine robot”.
The goal with this fire sculpture robot was to bring a new level of fine art sculpture in a robotic performance, elevating the audience to a level of discomfort and awe in the form of moving fire sculpture. I attempt as others have before to keep the viewers of my work on edge at all times yet fascinated. When I walk through a gallery, it takes a constant effort to be interested in the work hung on the walls or placed carefully on the ground, when I see this I want a reaction. But I don’t get it from sources like galleries and art shows. Art to me is self evident. Art to me is alive and breathing down your neck, weeping from your pores like sweat on your brow……………………………….. There is no boredom in fear, there is no room for languishing or apathy, you MUST keep on your toes or the machines will get you. The sleek curves in stainless, the simple forms technology forced into a junction of fire, color and heat.

The technology behind this robot holds a deep fascination for me, my work has attempted to merge fine art and metal sculpture with the absolute latest technology available to me. My work as a EV/robot designer and builder gives me first hand access to this cutting edge technology such as advanced motor controllers and the latest RC technology. As usual, this robot is totally wireless and even self charging via the jet engines drive motor. Utilizing www.Electricmotorsport.com as a resource I was able to implement a turbine engine starter system that allows the operator to electrically throttle the jet engine through its full rpm range and once a 15% rpm is established the operator can then activate the jet engine and charge the battery’s using the drive motor and the sevcon milipac 4qd regenerative speed control. This gives the robot operator the ability to charge the drive battery’s at any given point with out any off board charging and of course should it be required, a 20 amp Zivan Ng1 charger is built in for off board charging if needed.
Drive Control systems and Fire controls:
Futaba T12za 12 channel transmitter using PCM G3 technology.
Running of the shelf RC relays switching solid state AC relays that trigger 150 psi 120VAC solenoid valves. System includes custom servo valves.

Turbine drive/gen. systems:Jet engine: Solar T62, 1: Etek Rt 7/8” shaft coupled via chain coupler to the out put shaft of the jet engines 7:1 transmission, Controller: currently AX72450 running 36vdc, soon to be a Sevcon Millipak 4QD regenerative speed controller.
Track drive systems: Two Roboteq ax2550HE’s running two Etek Rt motors (one per track) driving a 2:1 into a 7:1 gear train.
Track base: 1960s’ Agracat crawler base.


www.electricmotorsport.com >>>>Etek-rt motors,Sevcon Milipack 4QD,heavy wire,lugs and other misc. drive equipment.
www.roboteq.com >>>>>>>>>>>> ax2550HE 240amp speed control for the tracks