Monday, July 16, 2007

"Robot Libby"

My dog libby died last year from a un-known brain disorder. I was inspired by the sadness of here death to find the resolve and courage to build my next sculpture:"Robot Libby"
With some financial help from the Crucible and a hard dead line of July 12th 2007 i set out to build the ultimate fire sculpture robot, and in exactly 35 days she was completed and delivered to the 2007 Fire Arts Festival.
My largest solo sculpture, Libby represents a leap into electro-hydraulic animation control systems with multi fuel forced air fire sculpture driven around on top. She is currently using a Futaba T12za transmitter with a custom Nathan Mariels control board driving the switches and blower control. The batterys are 4 12volt 100ah batterys salvaged from UPS which have issues, and are to be replaced by the latest battery technology.
Future work is to include finishing the stainless and bronze skin and adding a high powered ignition system for her "eye ball". So stay tune,ill post new progress and better images soon.