Monday, January 29, 2007

A tribute to Darwin:

A tribute to Darwin:
Rarely do I go off one of my pets (robots) but Darwin really kicks some ass. Never mind the fact that his 4x4 drive systems have met and beat the toughest challenges (driving straight through a 1900 degree bon fire) but he also has 6 monumental scale tesla coil direct strikes and flame ignition (tesla coil ignites his fire) under his belt! He just gets soooo fired up when some one thinks they can kill him with a tesla coil. HAH! (knock on wood Darwin).
This past summer, he had his proud SRL debut, he ran , jumped, played, crashed and screamed , with the super big boys. A 40 minute show of blood , fire and sheer robotic terror was faced gallantly by my little Darwin. Thanks Christian Ristow for inviting me/us to be a part of his psycho off the hook robot shows In LA too. Its this experience that has allowed me and my robot to gain the confidence and agility smash through with SRL.

Newest robot

This is yet unnamed, although some nasty agro names do pop into mind when i look at it.
its completely hacked up mauldin asphalt paving machine that i bought on ebay for $300 bucks. Once the hacking was finished i installed a Mitsubishi L3E diesel engine, with a vickers hydraulic pump for hydraulic power and a big ol’ hydraulic reservoir the rest is still on the drawing board. the plan is to get it driving under its own power by July. (head to the grind stone).

also , keep in mind, it will look nothing like this when I am done, accept for the tracks. but even the tracks will look slightly different. i like to think that i am a sculptor and a robot builder, i want to gracefully merge the two, but in some case accentuate the prevalent seem between the two worlds.
Fabricated materials: stainless steel, bronze, and copper.
I always say “ if you cant hide it accentuate it”
The cruncher
The screech (based off a sound generated by Darwin)
Cant think of any more. Its hard to name these things. but what is in a name.

metra kit finished

I just finished building this little guy for Electric motorsports . its got a perm 132 running at 72v with an al-trax 72/450a controler, you twist the throttle 1/8th turn and the back tire starts to burn.
hot little bike.